You never let me have any fun.

That’s not fun— that’s embarrassment.



—Never stopped me before.

You pretending to be Eri doesn’t count.

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So— why are there no chicken nugget restaurants like there are burger restaurants? Like, I wanna be able to walk in and see a giant list of chicken nuggets that are spicy or sweet and different dipping sauces and a huge list of milkshakes and cakes that I can get with my chicken nuggets.

Is that so fucking hard to ask for?

Wake up, Shibuya.



It’s okay for me to be a drama queen, though.

… No, it’s not— even for you. ‘Cause.. that’s just annoying.

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swaggity swugger chicken nugger

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"Aren’t they just chicken nuggets though?"

"… Just chicken nuggets?—

Chicken nuggets are probably the best thing that has ever happened to me besides meeting you guys or finally getting the hell away from Joshua.”

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Drama queen.

Yeah, whatever… You would’ve been just as upset.



Was there ice cream?

No— just stupid frozen vegetables and ice.

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My mom said there were chicken nuggets in the freezer——

There are no chicken nuggets in the freezer.

Only lies.

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Song: I Would Do Anything For You (Empty Arena)
Artist: Foster The People

I Would Do Anything For You » Foster The People




"You’re right! Kisses are much better!" {/Stands on her toes and pecks his lips.}

"… Well— this is one thing I didn’t miss.”



Shiki knew he was less than interested, but his agreement made her joyful, regardless. She reached over and took one of his plams in both of hers. “Thank you, Neku.”

The warmth of her palms only broadened his smile, if anything. There was no way of hiding it, either.

A nearly audible huff slipped passed his lips. "You don’t need to thank me, Shiki— I still owe you, anyway."